RoFo LONGHORN BULL (ROUGHSTOCK) RIDING RODEO BevDisHeadgear beverage dispenser.

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Based upon a need to contain and dispense a substance, a vessel and a spigot were invented. Both are stationary devices. Transporting a substance was either by animals, or mechanical means that limited, restricted, regulated distances and locations. To resolve this problem the RoFo BevDisHeadgear beverage dispenser transports a substance, by way of the contained substance being equally distributed upon a person's head resulting in the holding, transporting and dispensing of a substance to, from a location, during any time without hindering, or obstructing the wearer's use of other appendages.

The headgear has advantages that solve previously existing problems of a contemporary container that was heavy, unmanageable and remained stationary. The product is made of molded Food Grade plastic, resulting in being lightweight, and transportable to, from, and at a location for instantaneous usability, and frees the wearer's hands, for other purposes.

The stagnant beverage industry market is ripe for the RoFo BevDisHeadgear beverage dispenser establishing excellent international distribution contacts, patented products, variants and marketing exposure. Product is recession-proof as persons will purchase commodities and seek memorabilia rather than accruing travel expenditures during such times.

Plastic beverage containers are notorious for their long lifecycle. Persons use it until it literally wears out. The RoFo BevDisHeadgear beverage dispenser plans to change all of that by going “modern” with new colors, textures and designs. It will create new variants and models from year-to-year. Plastic beverage containers account for over 60 percent of total beverages filled, continue to be the fastest growing type of beverage container used in the beverage industry. The attractive, variety and useful nature of the RoFo BevDisHeadgear beverage dispenser will prevent the purchaser from discarding the container that ends up in landfills. It is a “green” product, appealing to conservationists and ecologists, by its reusable nature.

The usability of the product applies internationally, by individuals and anywhere there is more than one person. The RoFo BevDisHeadgear beverage dispenser would capitalize on the vast national and international sports theme markets.

Its wearability upon a person's head allows the substance to be held, transported, and dispensed to, from, and at a location for instantaneous usability, and frees the wearer's hands, for other purposes.

The RoFo BevDisHeadgear beverage dispenser would be manufactured in the United States in the tradition of rotational molding. This will keep the need for capital low. Later, can be manufactured in locales such as Europe, Canada, South Africa and elsewhere to achieve greater profits from the international community.

A growth rate of about 20% annually is very likely for the RoFo BevDisHeadgear beverage dispenser. The beverage container industry is virtually stagnant from a lack of innovative ideas, applications and is ripe for a novelty breakthrough. It is highly unlikely that any other product will be entering the industry. The RoFo BevDisHeadgear beverage dispenser patented both domestically and internationally, creates a barrier of entry by competitors. This ensures the product of an open field to capitalize on its innovation at the outset and chart its progressive future variants.


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    Marketing an original globally recognized U.S. patented absurd and innovative beverage dispenser that is iconically multicultural in design and usage. Proudly displaying the RoFo BevDisHeadgear beverage demonstrates the ability and fortitude to think creatively and to exploit dramatic campaign tools for maximization capabilities from the competition. The fact is a RoFo BevDisHeadgear beverage dispenser can be utilized as a premium incentive, promotional tool and marketing implement for the advantages of a business’s commerce.
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