CIM Bricks -- With Mechanical Joints

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Have the project: Bricks with mechanical joinings.
Official page is at:

Brick consists of a body with sides at an angle with bolt. It has mechanical locking and holes for medium and low current. The bricks are joined with screws. On the interior side is sealing tape. In interior is mineral wool.

Is needed 22 models for a complete holidays villa.

Have the drawings package witch includes:

22-(3D&2D)--Drawings are made 90% in ViaCAD 3D v8, 6% in AutoCAD, 2% in KeyShot and 2% in Blender.
22-Models made in ViaCAD are exported in STL format.
22-2D Drawings made in AutoCAD -- includes dimensions.
22-Artistic Renderings that are made in KeyShot.
1-Artistic model of villa; is made in Blender.
1-Electric scheme in surveying and 2D.

The 3Ds are good for 3D Printing.
Have also 4 models prototiped, 3D printed from polimers.



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    Pop Horea
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    ViaCAD, KeyShot
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    GNU Ceata Romania -- Linux
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    Want to make my own house, with this bricks.
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    ViaCAD, AutoCAD, Keyshot, Blender
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