Re-usable Mold Making

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Impressive Putty is the easiest, safest, and most affordable mold making material in the world. Take almost any shape, made from clay, or printed on a 3-D printer. Press the Putty mold making materials over it, and you are ready to duplicate your part into plastic, concrete, soap, wax, and more. And unlike a 3-D printer, it doesn’t require any computer programming.

Advantages include:
1. Reusable molds
Unlike silicone molds or other rubber molds, Impressive Putty molds are re-meltable and re-usable.The same mold making material for dozens and dozens of molds. You don’t need to buy more mold making material.

2. Easy to use mold making
No mixing, no weighing. Just melt the Putty in the microwave to make a soft putty mold rubber. Then just press it over your shape and let it cool to solidify. You don’t need a scale and you don’t need to blend to different materials together.

3. Eco-friendly and safe rubber molds
It is a biodegradable polymer. Plus, by remelting and reusing your molds, you are not buying more rubber. No dangerous chemicals and you don’t have to worry about whether it is completely reacted.

5. Allows you to make what you want
Want to make a mold of your kayak? Okay! Make your own prototype composite panel? Go for it. ComposiMold allows you to make a mold, remake your mold, and then do it again.

6. 3-D printer and scanner all in one!
ComposiMold is like a 3-D printer for the rest of us. You take almost any shape, whether you make it out of wood, clay, or wax; and you can duplicate it into other materials. Do you want an epoxy carrot? Okay! Mold the carrot; pour the epoxy into the mold. It’s like you scanned the carrot with the ComposiMold and then 3D printed it with the casting material.

It also works great with 3-D printers! After you 3-D print your shape into plastic, you can now duplicate it into any other material such as candle wax, soap, chocolates, or just stronger plastic. For the amount of time it takes to 3-D print something, you can make a mold and duplicate it. Plus, you didn’t have to learn how to draw in a CAD program, and you didn’t have to fix the printer again.

7. Long Shelf Life
You don’t need them every day, but when you do, you have them. Keep the Putty in a closed container and it will last for several years. If you make a mold and you want to keep it, just place it in a Ziplock bag or other closed bag. Keep it out of the sun because it will melt in the hot summer sun. At any time, you can remelt and reuse the mold.

8. You can fix mistakes
If you make changes to a prototype, it's easy to fix without remaking everything. It is re-usable, easy to use, great results, and versatile. FMI visit



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    The idea for the composite mold making material initially came from my inability to find a better material for making model airplane components. From there, the idea grew into first ComposiMold and now Impressive Putty. The ability to make things, make mistakes, fix them, and continuously make better products is a big part of design and engineering. I have always strived to make the making stage of the product designing more about the product you are making and less of the process for making it. For more information visit
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