Converting Coal Fly Ash into Useful Commercial Products

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Coal burning electricity plants produce a significant quantity of fly ash, the material that remains after the coal combustion process. i want to find ways to allow power utilities to convert fly ash into useful commercial products. The particular fly ash is low in calcium and derived from bituminous coal.

Anticipated Project Phases or Project Plan
Phase 1 – Proof of concept
Demonstration of approach, either at laboratory or larger scale, depending upon technical readiness

Phase 2 – Engineering development and product evaluation
Engineering optimization of process and product
Pilot scale trials

Phase 3 – Commercial development
Scale up manufacturing process
Plan for product marketing

Criteria for Moving from Phase 1 to Phase 2
Client will consider for advancement an approach that meets performance requirements with acceptable economics and pathway to commercialization.

The successful technology will:
Preferably use significant quantities (>10,000 tons/year) of fly ash characterized in Table 1
Sponsor will also consider proposed approaches that use smaller quantities of fly ash
Preferably be able to accommodate variations in fly ash quality
Have an acceptable environmental, health, and safety profile
Be cost effective at commercial scale
Offer an innovative approach to using fly ash

Possible approaches might include, but are not limited to:
* Applications that exploit the physical and chemical characteristics of this fly ash
* Novel ceramics, building materials, chemical sorbents, etc.
* Methods to functionalize the feedstock material to create a new material
* Solutions that include pre-processing to improve the quality of the fly ash


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