Mitigate The Threat From An Active Shooter

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The threat from active shooters is on the rise. How do you stop them? We have a solution that will save lives. Our new Templar Rapid Response System is effective and affordable. Today, many places add video cameras and access control. We know these do not work in stopping the active shooter, because almost all of the active shooting locations had cameras and access control. Law enforcement cannot be all places at all times. The solution is a more rapid response. The Templar Rapid Response System is hardware, software and training that is a disruptive technology and will reduce the likelihood and lethality of an active shooter event. Our Rapid Responders would be current employees, trained to use the Rapid Response System. Being on-site reduces the delay in applying pressure to the bad guy. This reduces the bad guys rampage time. In so doing, you reduce the number of victims. In addition, we can triage the fewer # of victims before the police allow EMT’s into the crime scene. This combination WILL save lives. The market for our system is most schools, churches and workplaces. We plan to build most of our system locally, and then utilize Integrators for installation around the Country. The ORI for our system is typically less than 24 months for most customers.


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    Peter Raciti
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