Combination Rotable Bass & Guitar Instrument

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This invention addresses the need musicians have to further increase artistic expression in a musical composition. By equipping a bass or guitar player with a bimodal instrument the overall creativity of the musician is enhanced. An electric guitar prototype was created which features a four string electric bass on one side and also has an opposing six string electric guitar on the other side. The instrument reassembles conventional designs except the center section of the instrument is rotable as desired to access the opposing instrument. This instrument was patented on August 27th of 2013. A YouTube video was released to the public about a year ago to showcase the product in action. It has garnered several thousand hits with numerous positive viewer feedback comments and inquiries on where it can be purchased.

This invention is not commercially available but it is believed that once it does go commercial it's popularity will soar. When for example a band is playing a song the bass player could be playing along as usual, then at a key moment switch to the guitar side and introduce a lead guitar piece and then switch back to the bass at the appropriate time. The variable combinations are endless allowing the instrumentalist possibilities which do not currently exist in current musical venues.

The projected cost of this instrument does not greatly exceed current singular mode instruments as the additional components are not that expensive. It is believed that as the popularity of this devise gains momentum it will radically change the way bands play. It frees up the instrumentalist to attain new heights of creativity. This rotable Bass/Guitar will change the way musicians of the future play. It has been dubbed by the creator the "Roller" guitar.



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