Life Saver For Boats And Aircraft

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If you happen to survive a plane crash into the sea, or perhaps a jump from a cruise ship into the ocean, then you are faced with two very real problems.

If you managed to survive a plane crash then chances are that a number of the other passengers being dead or wounded are likely to have been injured in the process. This obviously means that body fluids such as blood, urine and other body markers are released into the water attracting sharks: a very substantial problem!

The second major life threatening issue is if you happen to land in the ocean in temperate or colder latitudes then you can anticipate your life expectancy to be between minutes and hours depending on your physiology.

The product described here addresses not only the above scenarios but also meets a number of other applicable criteria to save lives in these situations-
1- it is lightweight
2- it has minimum storage volume
3- it is entirely automatic once triggered.
4- it prevents any body fluids from entering the ocean, masking the fact that a body is in the water,
5- it prevents hypothermia by insulating the bodies core, and vital organs.
6 - It is coloured daylong orange to aid visual identification.
7- It carries an extensible tubular aerial fitted with a spring loaded, reflective, multi angle plastic film radar reflector.
7-it automatically floats the person in an upright position as the foam insulation/ flotation is limited to the upper section of the 'condom'
8- it allows small children who would not be capable of looking after themselves in a conventional life jacket to be held by a parent or on other person so that both are enclosed in the 'condom'
9- because the foam is not triggered and expansion to take place until the tear top is pulled, and that the commencement of foam generation is a chemical reaction the units can remain reliable for extended periods


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