Smart Phone App To Save Lifes

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When a car accident occurs, the minutes immediately following the accident are crucial to provide assistance to people affected by the accident.

Most drivers now carry a Smart Phone when driving. Proposed app uses GPS and Accelerometer sensors already available on most Smart Phones.

App should work as follows:

1.- GPS sensor detects moving velocity and determines when Smart phone user is moving in a motorized vehicle. And App is started.

2.- In case of a car crash-like accident Accelerometer Sensor detects a high sudden desacceleration.

3.- Pre-programmed sound and flash light are activated, intensity increases each second.

4.- If alarm is not deactivated when sound and light reaches maximum intensity, then warning messages are sent to pre-programed emergency numbers.

5.-Message sent should include time, GPS location, and contact information in case of an emergency.

This simple smart phone may help many drivers.


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    Eugenio Rojas
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