No More Lineups (NML)

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Spontaneous, rushed, versatile,and impatient are all characteristics that we are starting to notice about newer generations. As we are moving more towards virtualization and automation, people want to be more mobile and less confined by the products or services they possess. The application presented here utilizes current technologies, data and software to provide, in near-real time, information about congregation and peoples' movements. Recently, Google launched its "Popular Times" feature for restaurants and lounges, however in its current implementation; it is not in real time and is based on historic data.

The application will leverage the "OpenSourceMaps" to return the X/Y coordinates for the selected location. The information will be sent to a database or back-end (Google, Inrix, etc...) to return an aggregated number of the devices, or anonymously return the individual devices to be aggregated by the app's back-end. A percentage will be returned to the customer, as well as some data pertaining to the location selected.

This will help in reducing wait times, customer dissatisfaction, improve analytics, study effects of ads and advertising, easily scaled to cover cities and countries, and produce a new stream for "Big Data."


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    Mohamed Elsherif
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    To simplify and enhance human's lives and the endless possibilities through technology
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