All In One Personal Hot Beverage Drip System

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This portable all in one drip system allows the user to brew Coffee, Tea, and Hot chocolate. Just add hot water!

1- Compartment to hold coffee, tea, and cocoa bags
2- Compartment to hold sweeteners.
3- Compartment to hold paper filters
4- Compartment to hold stirrers
5- Compartment to hold napkins
6- Supports two cup sizes with included riser
7- A handle for easy transportation.

I needed a hot beverage in a cold day, trying to make a choice between Coffee, Tea,or Hot chocolate, I started looking for the coffee and see if I have a filter and sweeter and to my disappointment I discovered that my coffee maker is not working. I started thinking, if I have a hot water I can pour it over the coffee using an empty cup and a filter and it worked except it made a lot of mess. I knew that there are several drip systems available in the marketplace but they are all missing the main ingredients and the instruments to produce a hot cup of coffee. As a mechanical engineer expert in 3D parametric modeling I designed this All in one Personal Hot Beverage Drip System using SolidWorks. I took my design to a local community college and they helped me building a prototype using Stratasys 3D printer.

This is an improvement over what is currently available because it can hold the coffee, tea, sweetener, stirrers. napkins, and cup all in one place, all you need is hot water and don't forget to refill it with ingredients after use so next time it is ready to serve.

College dorms is a great place to use, all you need is an electric hot water kettle. Telecommuters can use this at home while working, I like to keep one in my home office upstairs so while I am working I don't have to go down stairs and waste time or get in the way of other family members. Hotel rooms can be another potential customer.

This product can be manufactured using Plastic Injection Molding for basic entry level product and wood for high end version of the product.

The cost depends on the quantity produced and the material used.

In conclusion this product will improve the productivity of telecommuters, will make life easier for the casual user by not looking all over the kitchen cabinets for coffee, tea, filters, sweetener, stirrers...etc. it will save space in the kitchen counter by having all the ingredients and instrument to make a hot beverage in one place.

The illustrations attached are showing the image of the CAD 3D model and two pictures of the prototype filled with ingredients (coffee, tea, sweeteners) and instruments (filters, stirrers, cup riser, two cup sizes, napkins).


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