Wonder Glove

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The Wonder Glove is a cleaning mitt that agitates and absorbs at the same time. The mitt is made of a suede-like lined sherpa material, with three strips of an olefin fiber material on either side. This product can be used on virtually any surface, and it will not scratch! The Wonder Glove is a great tool in that it has the properties of both a sponge and a brush, but eliminates the need for more than one cleaning tool. It has been used for hard water lines on pools and spas, interior and exterior of automobiles (it will remove bugs and tar), spot cleaning carpet (will remove gum and candle wax), as well as many other household cleaning tasks.


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    Sam Jones
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    My original idea was to design something for spot cleaning carpet. Once I began to use the Wonder Glove, I realized it could be used on any cleaning task.
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