IoT Diaper

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In the Internet of things (IoT), many people think about new products and existing electronics to add IoT. However, something as basic as diaper can benefit from being smart. This project would put a small IoT device with sensor into a diaper or diaper liner pant. The sensor would detect if the diaper needs to be changed. The IoT would notify an app of a smart device about the need levels and situation. Now most people think diaper for a baby, but a larger market is adult diaper and leak protectors since many users of such devices are not aware of the need to be changed. This situation impacts heath because of situations such as Urinary track infections and sores. Thus the market is large and the benefit great for both babies and adults. Users would include the person wearing the diaper and care providers such as parents, baby sitters, adult care givers, and the diaper sales or manufactures. Most of the tech for such a device is place, but what is needed development, pricing, testing, and marketing.


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