Blade Less High Efficiency Wind Generatior

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1. Power generation by wind is one of the key focus areas under clean, renewable energy sources in view of the environmental warming issues. High-speed winds are available mostly along coastal areas. Many different varieties of wind turbines, blades etc have been tried out to extract maximum amount of power from the wind. Energy content in the wind follows the kinetic energy equation E=½*m*v2 where m is mass v is velocity. E = =½* ? *S*v3 where S is area of cross section, ? is density of wind, V is velocity of wind.

2. Operating efficiency of most of the wind generators installed is said to be around 14%. Some have claimed efficiency as high as 40% and experts accept BETZ formula as a limiting factor for efficiency by wind generators. Limit of efficiency as per BETZ is 16/27= 59.3%. Series of assumptions listed under Betz law does not apply to my proposed concept and hence the limitations do not apply.

3. It all started with an idea of finding another source of clean renewable source of power. Solar PV is still expensive and efficiencies are still around 14% only. A search leads to investigating- how clouds get charged both positively and negatively. Interestingly upper layers of the clouds get charged positively and lower levels get charged negatively which means there is polarization. Extremely high voltages, which cause lightning havoc, can be developed by this process. It is also believed that energy content in clouds is small in spite of high voltages. So all such causes, which limit energy storage in clouds, is being overcome at a ground level emulator of this new source of clean energy.

4. There is a long list of Triboelectric materials which when rubbed against each other develop positive and negative charges. For example, Teflon develops negative charges when rubbed with glass or mica. So granules of such material, which develop positive and negative charges, are used. These are polarized under external magnetic field and transfer charges to the high charge density electrodes. It may be noted that by placing high charge density electrodes made of magnesium with copper (for high conductivity of current to external world). High charge density

5. Key to success of this concept is creating high turbulence, use of high density electrodes, use of diode (or can be zener which will provide low resistance path as well as limit charge build up to a particular voltage) for providing low resistance internal path for current. It replicates charge development by clouds by friction/ turbulence. Polarization takes place in clouds due to earth’s magnetic field however weak. Note that this is still just a generator and not a storage battery. It will deliver power as long as wind is flowing. Here power generation at wind speed as low as 1msec has been show. If wind velocity goes higher, turbulence will be more.


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