3Dvarius, The New Electric And 3D Printed Violin

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The 3Dvarius is an electric violin created by 3D printing technology and based on the model of a real Stradivarius violin. Printed as a single piece, the 3Dvarius violin departs from traditional musical instrument production technology.

Combining the precision and power of 3D-printing with ancient violin-making skills, its innovative design, in the service of violinist, marks a further step toward the perfect symbiosis between musician and instrument.

The 3Dvarius was born digitally in 2012, in Laurent Bernadac’s mind, the violinist and engineer who conceived it. Laurent wanted to create an electric violin which could fulfill all the needs of a classical musician. His goal was to create an electric violin in perfect symbiosis with the musician.

He created 2 first prototypes in aluminum and transparent polycarbonate but these violins were too heavy and thus hardly playable. Laurent continued working on developing and improving his violin: better design, weight reduction, smoother sound-wave flow, and refined curves. In 2015, Laurent finished his new 3Dvarius prototype, fully created with 3D-printing technology.

The 3Dvarius has been created with the sole purpose of becoming one with its future violinist:
• The 3Dvarius is 3D printed in one single piece, all the sound signals travel freely in its body (no resonance loss in the joints).
• It’s made with professional 3D printing technology that ensures proper resistance to the string’s pressure. The choice of 3d-printing technology is stereolithography (SLA) because of its exceptional printing definition and the resistance of its printed objects.
• The 3Dvarius is very light and its weight distribution is optimized, not to hinder the musician’s movements.
• Ergonomic, the 3Dvarius can use any violin shoulder rests and so adapt itself to any morphology. It’s also designed to prevent tendonitis; the center of gravity is closer to the shoulder.
• The quality of its sound sensor is so good that the 3Dvarius doesn’t use any preamp. Its jack cable is near to the bridge to limit the signal travel time and avoid the radio disruptions.
• The 3Dvarius is based on the model of a real Stradivarius and uses in a same time the best digital new technologies available.
• The guitar tuning pegs simplify its tuning and offer an easy and accurate tuning.


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