A Process Of Increasing Shelf Life Of Non-syrup And Non-gravy Ready To Eat Food/Sweets By An Innovative G.S. Packaging System

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G.S Packaging system means GARAI SOMNATH packaging system. It will create a revolution in packaged food. It will create huge jobs, growth G.D.P and change economic condition of a country. It is an examined process.

In whole world many traditional sweets, foods are present which are not marketing at outside of production area for it’s a little shelf life and its mortality. In India hundreds of same products are present in various state. We can packaging these product by this innovative process and marketing among deferent state of India and export in deferent country. For it man will get to take taste of various food.

A vacuum packaging machine with nitrogen/C02 filling system is required for this packaging system. Food to be kept in food grade plastic container of which at bottom and blinker to be make small hole of 3-4nos. It also may be blinker less blister shape container. Then the food full container to be close (shut) by it’s blinker. Then it to be enter into a plastic or aluminium laminated plastic pouch and the container filled pouch to be fitted with this machine. Then to be on (run) the machine and pouch with container will be sealed with filled nitrogen / C02 after vacuum ( for hole at container’s top and bottom). Then the pouch packet (inner with first container) to be install in to a big container and seal it. Now it is suitable for marketing. It is must need keep under refrigeration. It is possible to preserve “joy nagarer moya”, a famous sweet of WEST BENGAL (a state of INDIA).

First container is need to protect roll about of sweet or food, so that these are stay at unbroken and to do vacuum.

Pouch is necessary for gas filling this container.

Second container is essential, because if the pouch’s seal or pouch is leakage in future for transportation or any occur, then the nitrogen/co2 will be out from packet and the food will be spoil. For use second container, if be leakage food filled pouch (with 1st container),Then the gas (nitrogen/co2) can not out and the food will stay fresh. Except it, second container is need for marketable packaging.

Some food can preserve under refrigeration without nitrogen/co2 filling. in this case their self life are increase for a few days, but by this process self life are increase up-to 3-6 months by keeping taste like fresh food.

The whole process must be at hygienic condition and should be maintain G.M.P. It is better if first container use after sterilisation. It is a costly process, but for it’s damage less packaging system, after all it is low cast packing system, There is no chance of lack of demand of such package food and sweets.


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