mySeismos - Real Time Earthquake Notifier

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This mobile application alarms the user when an earthquake is happening in real time. In that way, the user has knowledge of an earthquake even if he is sleeping. Also, many scientists agree that before a massive earthquake some minor occur. This application can inform the user of a similar situation.

This innovative application is an easy, free, safety and emergency notifying tool that can possibly save human lives. It is also a great tool for demonstrating or educating on earthquakes. This way a user can get a sense of a motion required for different levels of an earthquake.

The application translates the readings from the device's internal motion sensors into meaningful and readable information, that the user can understand without any training, into the three major earthquake scales: Richter, Mercalli and Shindo.

It uses device's internal motion components and with a carefully designed algorithm it translates the readings from these components into readable seismometer information. The user can set a specific earthquake level alert by moving a slider, leaving the device in a fixed place (e.g. floor) and then by pressing a button. This button tells the device to start monitoring any movements. When a movement is equal or greater than the level the user has set, both a visual and an acoustic alarm are on. Visual using device's flashlight and acoustically by playing an alert sound.

This application is a free application, available for anyone in the globe to download and use, through Apple's App Store. The tester must have an Apple’s iPhone or iPod to tested and can be downloaded here:


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