High Impact Temporary Housing

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1.6 Billion of people live in substandard housing. Let's be honest: corrugated shacks that get blown away with a 25 mph wind aren't the best place to raise a family. These so called homes are in disaster areas and in countries less fortunate. Most people don't have a choice. I want to make a difference in getting people out of tent cities and shacks.

After a 2 hour setup and the HITH unit will be ready for a Cat. 5 hurricane. Made from aluminum, stainless steel and plastic, the10'x20' structure will last 40 to 50 years. This unit is the only portable or temporary housing that has a Hurricane Cat. rating other than a cargo container, which is so heavy transportation to disaster areas is impossible.

The unit can be enlarged to 20'x20' or bigger to replace fema trailers. Average cost for a 270 sq ft trailer is $27,000, after 1 year average worth is $6,500. HITH unit 500 sq. ft. cost $27,000 with full amenities, after 1 year the average worth $24,500. After use trailers are distressed and go to auction. HITH gets disassembled and stored, waiting for the next disaster. There could have been 10,000 of these units for hurricane sandy alone. There are millions of refuges right now in Syria and Jordan that would love to have a structure with a door and windows

Cooling and heating tents is one of the biggest costs in Military deployments. HITH can cut those costs in half. HITH can also be produce a unit that has a negative air flow for biological situations. Everyone also has their own ideas for the units, from ice shanties, green houses to permanent houses in the Bahamas.

A product that keeps people safe, saves money, uses recycled materials, can be built in US and be used all over the world.

Solar Panels and wind generators are being developed to be used in association with all the other great aspects of this unit.


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    Looking around the world, its in turmoil. Millions of people living in tents. We as human beings can do better for our fellow brethren.
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