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Today everyone has a smartphone and other electronic gadgets that work on the battery. And all of these gadgets have same problem of battery life.

A smart solution for that is a power bank but here a smart battery partner -- a Power Bag. This bag has a battery which stores electric power and give it to the gadgets when needed.

This bag does not only charge mobile; it can charge laptops and other electronic gadgets. This bag has higher storage capacity battery. Which can charge your mobile more times then the normal power bank. This battery give power to gadgets to recharge and and also to the torch and speakers that is inbuilt.And this bag has also other some features like torch, Inbuilt speakers, GPS, Navigators which will be useful at the time of long traveling.

This bag is plugin charging. By a single charge it can charge mobile at 10-12 times laptop 3 times and other gadgets 12-15 times.

Power bank has some limitations like it can charge your mobile just twice or once after full charge, You have to put it in your hand during charging because of its size, You can't charge your laptop.

This bag is the solution for all these problems.


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    Vaibhav Chhatrala
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