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NanoWasher - Mini Portable Dish Washer

Today with the high price of land and the growing population houses are being made smaller and more practical, but as in the bigger households, we never can rid of one of the most daily activities and probably heavier and hated, washing dishes, an activity that is often easier in larger households because they have large automatic dish washers that cannot be used in smaller households. NanoWasher is the solution to this problem, providing a compact semiautomatic solution, portable, cheaper and easy to use, ideal for any home.

Just connect it to light and an inlet and outlet water, fill the container with soap, turn on, select your options and its going to be more enjoyable to wash the dishes, quick, effective and even greener than before. NanoWasher has a great combination of ideal choices for various kitchenwares and the use they have had. You can choose from soup plates (bowls), extended plates, utensils, cutlery and glasses, you can wash or rinse, you can even choose between cold and hot water for those tough stains. Just use the indicated cavity and turn the dishes into her. NanoWasher will use only the water needed, using less water than when you have an open key.

NanoWasher has a housing in ABS, Acrylic and details of silicone that give it a modern and pleasant appear for any kitchen.


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