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Dear experts,
Today you will find out about my idea of improving treadmill monitor.

So, sometimes you can be a little bit lazy to force yourself to go to the gym and running on the running track (treadmill) could be boring.

Usually on the monitor of the treadmill you can see information on the calories, speed tracking and pulse. But it could be more motivating and funny If you could see pictures of the food which you have eaten during this day and you need to burn these calories. So, an individual can choose the lunch/meal content (pictures of meat, vegetables and so on) and it counts calories you have now and need to burn and how much time you need to run to burn your lunch or breakfast (like in a game). In addition, it is great to have wi-fi connection on the monitors, so the runner can choose the film or music which he likes.

This advanced monitor benefits:
-to attract more overweight people to the fitness-centers, because of the new cool monitors
-to improve awareness of how much we eat and how it is difficult to lose weight
-to have fun while running, watching films and listening to the music
-to spend more time in the gym, because running is really funny
-the monitor can show the current weight of the person and advise exercises for today and preferred meal after finishing exercises (i.e. not to eat a lot tonight)
-the monitor could become an alternative versus personal trainer and personal nutritionist If a person starts to keep fit
-the monitor encourage a person to run more and in the end of the exercises could congratulate the person with good day results, like in the computer game after winning.

This monitor could be manufactured by the company providing TV/computer monitors and ready to cooperate with fitness-equipment companies. The cost would be more than for the usual treadmills and it is suitable for selling to the huge fitness centers.



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    Veronica Safronenkova
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    Several weeks ago I started doing sports and running in the gym. But the runnning track (treadmill) monitor is really boring. You can see only calories and speed track on it. When I am running I'd like to have fun and see how I am loosing what I had eaten before and how much time I need to run to burn my lunch.
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