Clear & Clean 3 in 1 Handhold Vacuum Cleaner With Flashlight and Cooling Fan

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-Do you hate to clean a messy bag-less vacuum cleaner?
-Are you unhappy with a stinky used bagged vacuum cleaner?
-Isn’t it simpler to throw garbage into a trash bag and replace the bag, rather than cleaning the trash bin? Nobody want to clean an unlined trash bin!
Could we use the same concept in a vacuum cleaner?

A traditional paper dust collecting bag is opaque and air flow in and flow out. Finer articles spread everywhere. It is difficult to add a 2nd stage HEPA filter behind the paper bag. Our patented W shape filter bag changed the structure of dust collecting bag. It has an external plastic film wall and an internal paper filter cone. You can see through the dust inside the W shape filter bag. All of dust is isolated inside. This W shape filter bag can work together with a 2nd stage HEPA for best solution because there is shortest distance between the 2 filtrations.

It is very dirty and unhealthy to clean a vacuum cleaner itself. By using our W shape filter bag, you will not clean vacuum cleaner anymore. It will help someone has asthma, or allergy specially.

We are designing a 3 in 1 Jedi Lightsaber style hand vacuum cleaner with flashlight and cooling fan for college student. It is for every family.

This transparent filter bag provides a revolutionary W shape structure for building a shortest air path between the 2 stages of filtrations. This shortest distance reduce fine dust accumulated between the paper filter and HEPA filter for best dusting collecting and filtration.

Patented W Shape Filter Bag Changes The Structure of Filter Bag Forever - Simpler, Easier, & Better. Our Transparent Filter Bag Patent provide a clean platform for Smart Appliance:-Robot -Upright -Handhold


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