Solid Drug Delivery Device For Pediatric Use

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Solid drug delivery device for pediatric use

Clinicians, patients, caregivers, and society as a whole, place high value on pediatric clinical care. These innovative, conveniently administered, and high-quality pediatric products can spell the difference between successful treatment of a pediatric patient or failure. Poor drug adherence is often due to poor organoleptics of orally administered drugs.

In Figure 1 shows a section through a syringe device with two input paths as overview.
By pressing the plunger water will leaving by silicone tube and will form a film on the surface of the tongue on the move while a plastic rod will push the pill. By reflex swallowing water formed by the two deliveries false mind is tricked and sense of taste are covered film of water constantly moving and finally close the child will swallow the medicine without knowing.

How it works
Section of Figure 2 presents the syringe that is filled with water. From the silicone tube is pulled up so that it will not be wet around the water. At the end of this tube by silicone specific form makes it possible to put a spherical pill or tablet with a diameter of between 3 and 5 mm, which will remain attached due to elasticity of the tube. We can have different hardness silicone tube for to keep form and function of keeping the pills.

This concept is ready to use, no need supplementary information.


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