Earthquake Shelter - Help Save Lives! [Multifunctional Door]

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When it comes to upgrading our homes and offices, we think of almost anything. However, we are never ready to be prepared for the worst conditions like earthquakes.

Sadly a lot of people have suffered from natural disasters like earthquakes causing death and serious injuries. One of the recent ones being in Nepal, which killed 8,019 people and injured 17,866 people.

People need efficient, cost friendly and smart product to tackle this problem.

My aim was to design a product that will act as a protection against devastating earthquakes. Helping in reducing the death toll. The research I gathered on earthquakes led me to my final concept design of an 'Emergency Earthquake Shelter' that people would want to have in their homes. A minimalist and discreet multifunctional door that functions normally can also be transformed into an earthquake shelter.

Emergency Earthquake Shelter aims to protect people from building collapsing, which is the main reason people die in earthquakes, as they are trapped inside the rubble. Unable to ask for help!


The Emergency Shelter is made out of strongest and efficient material, Carbon fiber reinforced composite (CFRs) has high Tensile strength of (550 Gpa) and Compressive strength of (440 Gpa). Carbon fiber reinforced composite offers one of the greatest stiffness and strength than any other suitable material. Only at a price of *23.50 GBP/KG.

The Emergency Shelter will be manufactured by vacuum forming resin infusion of Carbon fiber parts. This will result in a strong, light weight and hollow product that reduces material being used. The Doors design it self is geometrically angled allowing the debris and rubbles to slide (as seen in pictures). A silicon ball is placed inside of the shelter to act as a reflector against the falling debris and rocks.

More information about the Emergency Earthquake Shelter can be found on the three presentation boards, which is designed to be easy and information to read.


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    Pradip Gurung
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    House hold products that surrounds us everyday and shelled animals like turtles gave me inspiration when making this design.
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    Solid Works
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