Oil Jeev-A-1 (Smart Engine Oil Tester)

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Oil Jeev-A-1, Smart Engine Oil Tester

Oil is a very important component of any automobile engine. The main function of these lubricants is to reduce wear on moving parts; they also clean, inhibit corrosion, improve sealing, and cool the engine by carrying heat away from moving parts. Regular oil changes are required because the oil that lubricates and helps to cool the engine has a limited useful life. If it becomes too contaminated with dirt and metal shavings, it will wear down the vehicle's internal engine parts. Oil viscosity changes with use and it can become too thick or thin, with the unpleasant result that it can't properly keep your engine's parts from grinding against one another.

Automobile manufacturers normally recommend an oil change for every 10,000 kilometers or one year whichever is earlier. And what if your oil is actually fine and doesn't necessarily need to be changed at a 10,000 kilometer interval? In that case, you may be placing an unnecessary burden on the environment by contributing to the pumping, transport, packaging and disposal of those extra quarts of oil. Oil is also costly and an unnecessary oil change places a burden on the user’s pocket.

The oil life indicators available on some high end vehicles let a driver know when it is time for an oil change. However, these indicators show remaining oil life in percentage value only.

Oil Jeev-A-1 is a Smart Engine Oil Tester which will give the user the remaining useful life of his engine oil in kilometers. This low cost user friendly instrument can save the user a lot of money and will also contribute to protecting the environment while saving a very fast depleting natural resource. Oil Jeev-A-1 displays its oil life estimate by testing the oil conductivity - how easily electric current passes through the oil (typically, the lower the electrical resistance, the more contaminants are in the oil). Transmissibility of light that checks soot and particulate concentration and the most important factor deciding oil life i.e. viscosity - oil viscosity deteriorates with use and parts grind against each other and wear out faster.

A world’s leading automobile manufacturer estimates that drivers monitoring the oil life of their vehicles could have two to three times fewer oil changes performed each year. Theoretically, if all oil monitor-equipped cars on the road observed the maximum interval for changing oil, instead of the oft-advised every 10,000 kilometers, it could result in 100 million fewer liters of oil being consumed annually.

Oil Jeev-A-1 was inspired by this observation and the object is providing a low cost oil life indicator to the common man. Currently in the form of a microcontroller based table top instrument it has a future scope of being used as standard equipment by any car manufacturer.

This instrument can be used to predict the remaining useful life of any grade of Engine oil used in any application (automobiles, generators, ships etc).


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