Driver Easy Hydration

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Nowadays, there are many things that disturb driver attention which is one of the causes of car accident such as cell phone calls, eating food, and drinking, especially when those things became difficult to get and use.

For that reason it's very important to minimize this distractions by changing behavior inside the car while driving.

Driving Easy Hydration system is designed specifically for hydration in an easy way.

An insolated bottle with enough capacity fixed on the back of head seat of the driver with pipe fixed by scratch beside the seats shown in the picture. Any time when the driver needs to drink water or any hydration liquid, he just pulls the flixible pipe and opens the easy open valve and starts drinking then turns it back. As you see it's an easy action to do so the driver doesn't need extra attention to do it and can keep attention on driving.

That bottle can be provided in all other seats for the passengers.

The following are some advantages that make the product unique and different:

-Allows the driver to hydrate normally without disturbing attention & slowing down.
-Encourages the driver to drink more and drink consistently and stay hydrated.
-Insulated 2-3 litre size bottle for each seat, that is enough for a long journy.
-Keeps your car clean of empty plastic bottles.


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