In-Bottle Infant Formula Preparation Device

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Breastfeeding is the natural way to feed a baby, and the benefits of breastfeeding extend well beyond basic nutrition. However, some women, as much as they want to, are just unable to breastfeed, at least not exclusively.

It is therefore desirable to provide nutritional compositions, such as synthetic infant formulas, that can produce nutritional benefits in infants. Typical infant formulas are provided as packaged bulk powders, which a user must reconstitute by measuring out a specified amount of powder and adding it to an appropriate volume of liquid with shaking. This can lead to inconsistent amounts of both powder and liquid being used, and can lead to significant air being introduced into the formula when it is shaken.

Furthermore, an infant formula is typically heated prior to consumption by the infant. However, heating infant formula through traditional methods can lead to deactivation of essential nutrients and vitamins. In addition, constant temperature monitoring is required to ensure that the infant formula is at the ideal temperature for easy consumption by the infant, leading to potential delays in providing an infant with formula in a timely manner.

Infants and young children are particularly vulnerable to foodborne illness because their immune systems are not developed enough to fight off infections. That's why extra care should be taken when handling and preparing their food and formula.

To address the above concerns, it would be beneficial to provide nutritional compositions in an inexpensive and convenient manner, with all of the desirable nutrient deliverables at a proper temperature, and yet to provide the parent or caretaker a decrease in time for preparation.

Our "IN-BOTTLE INFANT FORMULA PREPARATION DEVICE" is such a system. It could provide a lump-free and ready-to-eat infant formula bottle at perfect temperature in less than 30 seconds.

The device comprises an ultrasonic mixing unit and a water treatment system ensuring purest water quality and highest safety. The patent pending replaceable water dispenser head allows formula preparation according to WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines.

While formula dispensing and preparation units have been employed in an attempt to expedite the baby formula preparation process, many of these devices are either incomplete or overly complex, or result in clumping of formula that may cause malfunction of the device.

Parents can freely choose formula mixtures. The mixing receptor fits almost all small to large bottle sizes. The device can be manufactured from state-of-the-art components. Based on the theoretical assumptions a working prototype was constructed.


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