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VentiFresh is an odor reduction unit for small spaces, designed to work in enclosed space up to 1.5 cubic feet. This compact unit comes with a fully functional ventilation system, combining cutting edge UV LED lighting and platinum dioxide technology to break down odor molecules piling up inside enclosed spaces, thus neutralizing and reducing the formation of foul odors.

The VentiFresh odor reduction unit takes only 1 minute to install. Powered by an external rechargeable power bank or a power plug, VentiFresh automatically starts working via an embedded light sensor. Just install the unit and close the door or cover of your trash can, locker, drawer or single shoe closet, at power on the smart unit will start working in cycles and will help you to create a feel-good living environment, hands free, nose happy!



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    Danica Huang
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    Edward Lin
    Conary LED Lighting Team
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    Our team has been working with LED lighting elements for about 10 years, and we've been continuously developing innovative product concepts and applications, from mega building architecture to medical-grade LED devices for beauty treatment. VentiFresh is our latest innovation to translate opto-semiconductor technology into everyday life products. Inspired by the progress of the UV LED manufacturing in recent years, VentiFresh is another evidence of "possibility turns into reality" because of technology progress. The use of effective ventilation with photocatalyst and UV for odor processing has been a mature application used in large spaces such a factory, lab and room air ventilations. Now with UV LED enabling high power output and cheaper prices enabling commercial feasibility, we're able to apply this proven technology to smaller space in our life, such as trash cans, drawers and gym lockers etc., without extra consumables and only minimum power consumption.
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