Production Of Super Water-Repellent Products

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Cleaning is the most time-consuming work everywhere -- home, offices, etc. So,my attention is regarding the development of a self-cleaning products industry in India. This concept comes from a scratch related to Lotus effect which has super- hydrophobic property. Also some insects having this property by which they can float over water without wetting their legs. The idea is about manufacturing products which have 'super-dry' property, i.e, zero-tolerance to wetting.

The epidermis of lotus plants possess papillae with 10 to 20 µm in height and 10 to 15 µm in width on which the so-called epicuticular waxes are imposed. These superimposed waxes are hydrophobic and form the second layer of the double structure. This system regenerates. This biochemical property is responsible for the functioning of the water repellency of the surface.

Superhydrophobic coating comprising Teflon microparticles have been used on medical diagnostic slides for over 30 years. It is possible to achieve such effects by using combinations of polyethylene glycol with glucose and sucrose (or any insoluble particulate) in conjunction with a hydrophobic substance.

A number of products can be produced with super water-repellant properties that can help a lot and can provide a clean and hygiene environment. Also in construction industries that fabricate and erect heavy steel structures, we can provide superhydrophobic painting to steel structures.

Super-dry products use proprietary nanotechnology to coat an object and create a barrier of air on its surface. This barrier repels water, oil and other liquids unlike any coating seen before. The other breakthrough associated with them is the superior coating adherence and abrasion resistance.


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    Yogesh Pal
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    I was inspired during working at construction site. I scrutinize over the painting system and thought for self-cleaning of surface.
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