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With the advent of technology, the photographic trends in our society are also changing rapidly. Earlier there were bulky Calotype cameras, then came the age of reel cameras, now the smart phone cameras. With 2.08 billion smartphone users, a huge share of photographs are taken using smart phones among which selfies make up an impressive share. But sadly the quality of selfies are still much behind because of low resolution front cameras in smart phones.

The low picture quality persists for a long time, as there hasn’t been any effective solutions in this aspect. The main reason for such issues being price considerations. The average price of the 12MP rear camera module of Samsung is $50, in such a situation incorporating another similar quality camera in the front highly influences the cost of the device. Another deciding factor being the compactness. In the fight of making sleek and light devices, incorporating two high resolution cameras is obviously a silly decision: concluding from the epic fail of selfie centric devices like Micromax canvas Selfie and Asus Zenfone Selfie ZD551KL. It's high time for a simple and innovative solution…….

A periscope is an optical instrument that allows the viewing of objects that are not in direct line of sight. Periscopes have proven to be of great help to submarines to have a view above the surface of water. The light from the object falls on one mirror (placed at 45o to the object) and is reflected. This reflected light in turn falls on another mirror and is again reflected until it reaches the human eye.The backcover designed works on the same principle being fitted with a tiny periscope and having a sliding mechanism.The periscope basically reflects the front scene into the rear camera .The back cover has a switch to slide the periscope aside to use the regular rear camera. Therefore with just one camera module a person can can take both front and rear images When in need of taking a selfie, the switch could be used and BANG ! your rear camera has come into front and you can take awesome high resolution selfies now.

We all know very well about the selfie sticks. The first selfie stick was launched in July 2014,and after that it became an overnight success. Internet searches for the words “selfie stick,” which have exploded in the past year: from 2,400 searches in January 2014 to 1.83 million in December 2014. All credit for this success goes to simple design, low pricing and ease of use. Well, our back cover is packing these qualities in bulk. Anyhow most of us use a cover to save our expensive smartphones from damage; with this innovative product a user can increase the utility of a already existing thing. A decent back cover nowadays cost around $8-10, with just the addition of two small mirrors and a small design tweak, what you get is an awesome back cover and you can click super awesome selfies with it.


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