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The concept applies illuminating space and users by transmission and simulation the sunlight in designed seating.

The main motivation for the design is to supply natural light, its specific emotions as well as the life-giving function in the environment where humans often absent it. Sunlight helps us in production of serotonin and melatonin, which is also important for our sleep cycles. 98% of sunlight absorbed by our body is trough eyes and 2% is trough the skin. Sunlight and its positive effect on our body and mind, takes many visual forms in the environment and the nature around us. One of them is the shine-through rays through the leaves and tree tops. That was inspiration for my design.

Light source is a hybrid. When there is not enough sunlight from outside the LED technology simulates its color and intensity. The light is transmitted trough the optical fibers.

Seating not only simulates and provides sunlight but also its light cycle. Cycle is fully automatic and preset via mobile app by the geographical location of the installation or other requirements. Console in the middle is used to direct light intensity control.

Used materials are aluminium tubes for construction and elastic, transparent recyclable fabric. Construction can be folded and provides lightweight of the seating. Layer stretched over construction provides the necessary light effect thanks to its transparency and perforated surface of the inner layers.

Aesthetics is designed to nicely complete an innovative modern home environment and light-emitting radiation fill space with its warm rays.

The potential of sun light in the form of a products like LUMseed reach into the future where the application is already part of structures or products and services. Imagine that technology can already capture and keep radiation for further use. Dosing humans with sun light in an environment where it does not have access will be possible then. For example environments like deep underground or on the contrary space stations. The man will still need to suply his needs in natural way like he is doing now. Possible solutions is now adequate simulation of sunlight and transmission light into our homes.



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    Frantisek Toth
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    Beauty and law of nature, possibility of technology, psychology, culture and simple things which I can observe during the day.
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