HX Light

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Nowadays it is important for efficiency and environmental safety, with this in mind I have a solution to improve the present fluorescent light.

By combining Helium and Xenon in a clear tube the presence of Mercury vapor and phosphor is no longer needed and although the fluorescent light is efficient it also has a environmental concern.

With the HX light the efficiency is still there and the concern of the Mercury vapor is eliminated making replacement safer.

Marketing and development would be the same with the subtraction of two elements.

I have noticed that industries such as grocery and department stores as well as office buildings and schools are still using fluorescent lighting even though there are other types of lighting out there. It is my opinion that it is the cost of these other lighting that may not be in the budget of these work places.

With the HX the cost would be lower for development than the fluorescent thus lowering the cost to the consumer.

Comparing four concerns between the fluorescent and the HX.

1. Environmental safety
2. Consumer safety
3. Cost for development
4. Cost for the consumer

It is my belief that the above mentioned industries would be able to afford the HX light, making for a more efficient and environmentally safe place for work.


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    Above anything else I would say the Environment and the consumer. With the cost of living it is difficult to save money and have a safe environment and it is with this in mind is why I thought of my design.
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