Magnetic Adapter USB-C

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Hi! Everyone has seen the MagSafe cable for MacBook? With this cable you charge your notebook using the magetic end. Very convenient, with just a touch you can pull out the cable and the laptop will remain in place.

But in 2015, Apple released their new MacBook 12’, replacing magic MagSafe with high speed and universal USB-C.
Yes, it's great! But the cable is long and not convenient, and if I touch the cable the laptop will fly with it.

I have a solution! Simple, inexpensive and versatile. And innovative, of course! You have a laptop, tablet or smartphone. All you need to do is put the plug with a magnetic end of the USB-C port. To this magnetic end, you can simply and quickly attach the cable for charging or data transfer, flash-drives, adapters. One universal plug for the solution of all daily tasks!

I think that is exactly what is required of humanity.

Thank you!


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