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I have invented SNUGHOOKS, a safer bag hook suitable for the storage of school bags. One of the main features of the design is that the hooks do not dangerously protrude into the space frequented by students or other people. This greatly reduces the possibility of injury. Being a teacher, I know that schools are typically a hive of activity and hooks that stick out are very dangerous and can and do cause injury. SNUGHOOKS are actually recessed into an injection molded plastic form and they are able to support the bags just as other types of hooks do. The distinct difference is however that the front face of the molded hook is flush with the surrounding material. No part of the hook feature extends past the front face. The hooks greatly reduce the hazards in the school environment and look stylish and attractive. They not only support the bags, coats, towels and other items, but do so in a way that has not been done before. The invention is quite simple and is easily identified as a much safer and better solution compared to what exists already. With modern design and strong materials these hooks are an advance on what is in schools at the moment. The advantage over all other hooks exists around the world. A standard Australian patent and a PCT application have been filed as has design registrations. I have registered the Trade Mark: SNUGHOOKS. The technical advantages of SNUGHOOKS over alternatives are noticed in the attached images. They will be both flame retardant and UV stabilised for use in educational institutions. Existing hooks for school bags and equipment are in use all around the world and work perfectly well in that they support items from school bags and hand bags to swimming towels and sporting attire. The trouble with them is not their ability to store equipment effectively but that they present a real risk in locations where people could accidentally come into contact with them causing injury. Quite simply, they are dangerous and when compared to SNUGHOOKS, they should not be used around students or people needing to store items. There is a need for bag hooks to be both strong and safe. The SNUGHOOKS system is an advance on existing hooks in that the risk of personal injury or eye damage is greatly reduced if not eliminated. I believe that my innovative solution will be seen as clearly advantageous in comparison to all others in the market. SNUGHOOKS could safely be placed in corridors to store bags off the floor to reduce tripping hazards and at the same time eliminate the dangers of protruding hooks. I believe that good design speaks for itself. The features of my SNUGHOOKS will draw attention for all the good reasons. A look at the images in the attachments will instantly identify SNUGHOOKS as the only solution safe enough to put in schools and other similar applications.



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    I'm always looking at improving the way we as humans do things. I teach Design and believe the Technology Process is one of the best 'Future Proofed' skills we can teach today's students.
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