The Solar Powered Mobile Charging And Retailing/Vendor Kiosk

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Profitability in business is measured as the difference between input (resources) and the output (outcome of transactions). Power supply for use by micro and small scale business enterprise (MSSE) is quite challenging especially when accessibility to national power grid is unavailable. The Solar Powered Mobile Charging and Retailing/ Vendor Kiosk (SPMGK) was developed to overcome the challenges of power supply for MSSE with a view to reduce and eventually eliminate operational cost for the business and increase profitability.

With this approach, the operating cost of charging portable devices at a fee and providing basic power and lighting for the business is removed. This method has eliminated the cost of buying fossil fuels to power portable generators as well as the associated noise and air pollution. It is safer because the handling of flammable fuels has been eradicated. This implies more profit and consequent improvement on the quality of life of the operator.

The product is an improvement on what is currently available in the marketplace in that it make the power supply mobile, portable and easily adaptable for use in any desired application.

The product has high market potentials in most countries in Africa especially in Nigeria where there is abundance of sunlight and energy provision for sustainable growth and development is still a mirage.

The product can be used to power micro and small scale business like mobile devices charging, paper vendors, mp3, audio and video compact disk vendors, barbers, fruits and food vendors as well as other petty consumer goods vendors. It can be used effectively in displaced persons camp. This can accommodate charging simultaneously 20 units of mobile phones, 5units rechargeable flashlights a DVD player and a small Television set or laptop.

During the day, the PV panel generates power that can be utilized by the operator to meet daily power requirements and also store power in the storage battery for future use. At dusk the stored energy is used to sustain business until close of the day. At dawn the next day, the circle repeats.

The SPMGK is made up a 200W solar PV panel, a 12V, 200AH storage battery, 30A-pwm charge controller, a 500W DC-AC inverter, AC & DC power outlets and LED lighting. The SPMGK was manufactured locally by assembling the listed components on a metallic frame and clutched wheels strong enough to support the weight and protect the accessories from water (in case it rains) and against vandalism by unauthorized persons. The mounting stand of the solar PV was made adjustable to cater for proper tilt in order to get maximum efficiency from the PV in the location where it is been utilized

The production cost of the product is $315 relatively cheaper than similar products in the market. However the price will go further down if the product is mass produced.


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    Hope Orovwode
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    Hope Orovwode, Samuel Wara and Covenant University
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    the need to improve the quality of life of my locality by create a means of empowering the unemployed and make the business of the small entrepreneur more profitable
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