Safe Hurricane Shutter System

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Recently I invented a hurricane protective system for building external openings [1], which provides capability to release and remove shutter panels from the inside of the building. One of my friends joked that I invented this because of paranoia. Well, he may be right… However, is it paranoia to warn people not to go outside during the thunder storm or not to swim at dusk or dawn to avoid a possible shark attack? Yes, the probability to be killed in both cases is very low; nevertheless, it exists.

During my extensive worldwide patent search, I was surprised to learn that almost every active hurricane season results in fatal casualties related to inability to escape the premises because of not being able to remove secured to the window opening shutters from the inside of the building [2]. Still, there is no a reliable product in the marked around the globe that would be capable to solve this problem.

My invention offers significant advantages over all the available competing products. It will deliver a variety of customer benefits. Among them are:
• A quick fire or other emergency escape capability
• Storm protection accompanied by an enhanced security against an unwanted intrusion
• Cost effectiveness provided by using conventionally available construction and manufacturing materials
• Capability for installing shutters by one person located inside of the building without the necessity to utilize ladders or other equipment to reach openings on the second or higher levels of the building.

In addition, this hurricane protective system can also be used for equipping a safety/strong room in buildings located in areas that are vulnerable to extreme wind from hurricanes or tornados.

The inventive system utilizes one or more protective shutter panels having securable apertures for engaging the panels to the outer wall over the building by applying clamp-fasteners configured for locking and releasing the securable aperture from the inside of the building.

My invention allows designing a kit that can be sold in a PACKAGE for equipping new houses with hurricane protective shutters as well as SEPARATELY for retrofitting existing shutter systems in houses. Availability of both options will significantly increase the market size [3].

I believe that many customers may find that egress from the room/building during emergency such as fire is a vitally important option. These people, given a choice, will definitely prefer a shutter system that provides quick fire or other emergency escape capability.

Entrepreneurs who may be interested in introduction this new and important for safety product to the market, which may be in demand worldwide, are welcomed for cooperation.

1. US Patent No. 9,169,672 B1

2. Hurricane Shutter Tragedies:
… and the most recent:

3. Target customers:
In the US:
• 36.2 million (12% of US population) along hurricane-prone stretch of coast, from North Carolina to Texas.
• 40% of the world population living within 60 miles of the coast.


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