Quad-copter Mobile "Base" Support Package

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My personal goal is to be able to use a quad-copter from my vehicle, i.e. to survey a crowded parking lot and locate an available parking space. So I want a convenient and secure way to transport, launch, control, retrieve and recharge a video-equipped copter from my vehicle.

Most Sun/Moon roof accessory packages include an upper glass panel and a lower opaque panel. Use the lower panel to capture a BASE support package, and the upper glass to shield it from the environment. To be designed: a cordless charging surface, and a short-range auto-landing mechanism (using retro-reflector beacons, etc).

Wireless transceiver packages exist, as do video display elements (could be tied into a smart phone app, but low priority). Most of the rest of this project is simply packaging with nominally standardized (TBD) dimensions. The end result should probably fit into a small suitcase and (with an auxiliary battery) could be used sans vehicle.


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    Dan Hunnel
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    Internet, Matlab, AutoCad, SolidWorks, my brain, Excel, LabView, machine vision systems, scripting, etc.
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    Tech surfing, Speculative Fiction, metamaterials
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    Several, but I work for a living now.
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    Inefficient complexity in everyday life! It helps, of course, to have a fairly full "toolbox" of things that COULD be applied as solutions to things encountered. Just have to avoid the "I've got a hammer, let's look for nails" trope.
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