Water Demand Management System Reduces Water Consumption By More Than 60%

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Aqua-Loc Mbube Design Water Demand Management System (WDMS) water meter, consisting of the Intelligent Flow Regulating Device (IFRD) and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), saves more than 60% in water consumption.

1. The Intelligent Flow Regulating Device (IFRD) is a water credit management which enables the municipality or the consumer to ration and manage water usage. The IFRD is a unique device which maintains a constant flow irrespective of variable water pressure and is available in 4,6,8,10 15 litres per minute and is easily upgraded within a two minute exercise.

2. The Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) enables walk by or drive by and GPRS technology data capturing of water meter consumption. The Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) offers leakage and tamper detection. The AMR software is capable of interfacing with any billing system and offers graphic analysis of read water data.

Traction, 800 000 installed units as a proof of concept in the City of Cape Town resulted in 60% reduction in water consumption. An average consumption was reduced from above 14 Kl per household to below 6Kl per average household.

The WDMS components are locally made in Johannesburg Aqua-Loc factory creating employment. Mbube Design creates additional jobs by training unemployed youths as WDMS water meter installers s and drive by data capturing, thus improving water billing and service delivery to the households.

There is ample scope for additional 4 million Aqu-Loc Mbube Design WDMS in Africa in order to mitigate the impact of water shortages due to drought, enhance water service delivery to the household, improve water and sanitation and the quality of life.


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