Thigiri - A Thermal Based Wrap Around For Myalgia And Arthralgia

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With a growing population that is highly exposed to an extreme working conditions and stressful life pattern, chronic muscular pain is a thing too common among both the old aged and 30+ (who use bike or work for prolonged period in the same position). The easy and common used method is to relax these stressed muscles using a hot water bag or an ice bag. This title aims in developing a system which is a combination of the two. This electronic controlled system is a strap around unit that can be easily carried and used anywhere. The compact system uses a power bank as its power source, this ultimately helps it to be used universally anywhere. Unlike the existing ointment based products, this is non-greasy and skin friendly. It can be used by patients of any age. The design flexibility ensures it can be used on hands legs or shoulders where the pain happens too often. This ultimately will serve a countable population in the growing market.


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    Manoj Mohanadasan
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    M Manoj S Muthukumaran M Maruthosh
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