Manual Cell Phone Charger

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The Manual Charger is designed to recharge the cell phone when there is no electric connector available, especially when people are having outdoor activities such as hiking and trekking.

The working principle of this manual charger is simple. Users pump in the pressurized air by hand to rotate the force draft fans. The fans are installed on the center of a drive shaft which connecting magnets on its both ends. While the drive shaft is driven, it will rotate the magnets near a coil of copper wire. Voltage across the ends of wire will be created and start charging built-in battery. To make the current bigger, we can use more copper wire in the coils, use a stronger magnet, or move the magnet faster.

People can recharge their cell phone or any small electrical appliances anytime anywhere.

As compared to existing products in the marketplace, this manual charger does not have paired gears installed on. Mean that this design minimizes the friction in between components and increase in overall efficiency.


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