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Thinking about the practicality, the Hanger Click emerged.

Its great advantage is in place and take the clothes quickly and practice and without ruining your clothes.

Its innovative design catches the eye, but its functionality is the strength of the product as it opens automatically with just one click on the button.

The main challenge was to solve the automatic opening system. Upon clicking, the rods open using power from an internal torsion spring. To close, simply push the button again and press the stems to close them. They are just two stages, open shafts 150 between rods and closed, between 0º rods. Because it is an injected product, and how to inject be very expensive, it has not yet been executed. The prototype was made in 3D printer for studies / tests. In total it has been three prototypes to get the definitive model.



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    Eduardo Prado
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    What inspires me is the day day everyday life , clean and functional design
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