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Nowadays to operate household objects like fans, air conditioners, TVs, lights, etc., we need to switch it ON/OFF by pressing those respective switches. Due to busy schedule we may not have time to switch the home appliances, so switching on and off of the appliances is becoming a tedious process. Our plan is to make the user save time and feels comfortable in switching the appliances. Our innovation Ultra Glove paves a way for our plan. It is useful for home and industrial automation. Our proposed innovation consists of a hand glove with an ultrasonic generator attached. Whenever a hand glove is projected towards electronic/electrical objects enclosed with ultra sonic receiver and relay circuit operated by micro controller it will be switched ON. Again, if you project towards same objects , it will be switched OFF.

Our innovation involves a hand glove attached with ultrasonic wave generator on the palm side controlled by a micro controller to generate ultrasonic waves at a particular frequency. The receiver end consists of an ultrasonic receiver and relay circuit controlled by a micro controller. Any 230v AC operating household object can be connected across the relay. When the hand glove is projected towards the object, it will be turned ON and again if the glove is projected towards same object, it will be turned off. The operating range is 4 meters.


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    Manivannan S
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    C.Magesh, E.Kaleeswaran G.V.Manikandan
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    In order to switch ON/OFF of any house hold objects like fan, Air conditioner, T.V, light etc., we need to operate it by pressing the respective switches. The modern method to operate those switches by Infrared based remote controller. These two methods are difficult for old age people. Our proposed innovation will overcome all these problems. Our product saves time consumption and improves the productivity of the industries.
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    Arduino IDE
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