How to Make Travelers or Consumers Aware of Vacant Seats Around The World

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This creative innovation is to serve the world, Ministry of Railways - Ministry of Road Transport and highways or railways around the world. This invention helps passengers and consumers to find a seat on their train or public transportation, seminar, theatre hall etc. and improve the experience of their journey.

Objective of generated idea is to identify vacant seats and make travelers aware of them around the world.

Following is the description of innovation in steps.
1. To sense the magnitude of load, piezoelectric sensors are installed under each seat. Wheatstone bridge or other range of suitable sensors are an option according to need in design.
2. These sensors will produce variation in output energy as the weight on the seat changes.
3. According to load, status of seat availability can be easily checked. Weight above referenced magnitude limit means seat is booked or otherwise it is available.
4. Cloud computing medium has been connected to store and exchange recorded data or information from all these sensors (sources).
5. Passengers or consumers can check the up-to-date status or information of seats via computer app, watch app, smartphone app, radio, announcement or other media that is connected to cloud computing.

Note: This innovation is applicable to check the status of all vacant seats around the world, everywhere that seats are there via cloud in hotel rooms, classrooms, building lifts, seminar halls, every mode of transportation, staff-rooms, schools, nstitutes, taxis etc.


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