SPOT: Stay Safe in the Sun

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Suncayr has created SPOT, a smart indicator of UV light, to help everyone be safer in the sun.

SPOT tells you how effective your sunscreen is all day long! SPOT is easy to use: you put SPOT on, then apply sunscreen overtop. While your sunscreen is protecting you, SPOT is white. When your sunscreen has worn off, and your skin is exposed to UV, SPOT turns purple, letting you know you are no longer protected.

SPOT uses a reversible colour change to keep you informed on your UV protection all day long. And the best part, SPOT's can be printed with any design, including fun and memorable characters. This makes applying sunscreen a fun activity for children and parents alike, because of the sticker form-factor.

We know how difficult it is to use sunscreen, especially because our sunscreen wears off differently based on what we do outside. This what differentiates SPOT: SPOT can see the difference between swimming, sweating, or just relaxing. This ensures SPOT changes colour at the appropriate time for each different sunscreen user, providing personalized protection!

SPOT empowers us all as sunscreen user's by bringing us awareness of our skin's protection, and confidence that our sunscreen is working properly. Protecting our skin from UV is important so we can limit painful sunburns, and slow the rising rates of skin cancer.

SPOT makes sun safety simplified, so everyone can enjoy the sun!


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