Solaro Illuminated Mirror

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This project was inspired by the overwhelming number of new 'innovative' products on the market. So may gadgets and gizmos exist to help us with everyday menial problems, we often forget to appreciate the things around us. I decided to focus my project within the bathroom, as this is the area in the home that is meant to instill tranquility - a personal oasis away from the world - yet more and more manufacturers add technology to this room that contradict this ideal.


Solaro is an illuminated mirror that challenges the user to forget their daily cares, and instead inspires them to think about the peace, calm and awe that comes from admiring the workings of the universe. Each ring of light represents the path of each planet within our solar system, with a high powered LED indicating the actual position of each planet on its natural course at any given time.

By using the solar system as a measurement of time, relaxation comes as we no longer feel defined by seconds, minutes and hours, but rather can appreciate that the world is actually moving slowly, and we should appreciate the small moments in life. The user's face is also internationally in the location of the sun - at the 'centre of the universe' - as a poetic symbol for how strong, independent and valuable we all are.

The mirror is intended for domestic environment, as a feature piece in a home bathroom. The ideal location for this item is directly above the sink - it would make ideal mood lighting for a candle lit bath!

The front mirror is a laser cut panel, backed onto a slim unit which contains all of the electronics. The lights are activated by a sensor at the bottom of the mirror: a simple wave of the hand beneath the mirror will turn the lights on and off.

Each ring of light made up of a double strip of LEDs: low and high emitting lights. All of the low lights switch on together, illuminating the planet path. The brighter lights are controlled by separately, programmed to illuminate the correct area in accordance with the planet's current location.



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    Kim Deighton
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    For me, the area that inspires me the most about product design is the way that it influences the user’s activities, lifestyle and emotions. I find the way a product can change someone's life, environment or attitude for the better fascinating, and this is what I try to incorporate into my design work.
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