Reusable Sanitary Napkins

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It is an attempt to solve a genuine problem of the poor women of the underdeveloped countries. Poor women cannot afford the costly napkins. As the poor women cannot afford the existing napkins they generally pass this period by inserting some waste cloth in the undergarment. So comfort is beyond imagination. So called low cost napkins are a real compromise with hygiene. Again in the interior rural areas shops are not available. During floods there is another issue.

This napkins is a permanent solution to the poor women to their regular periods in a hygienic way. Instead of the existing seal packed napkins, this napkin is in the form of a cloth (cotton) pocket with a chain in the front.

They can insert foam, waste cloth, cotton, rice puff or water soaked Sago grains or any other available absorbing materials. After using it in the period they will remove the used absorbing material and will keep the pocket after washing it for the next use.

To hold the napkins to the undergarments a set of cloth clamps is provided at the front. Two holding hooks are also provided at the top to tie it around the waist. A bottom tie belt is also provided for those who do not use an undergarment.

The shape of the Napkins is also very comfortable for all age groups.

Any one can make this pocket in home itself with a 12 cm by 24 cm cloth and a 3inch chain. It is one time investment of Rs 12 maximum.

As it is a permanent pocket they can use washed and fresh available absorbing materials of their reach. They can move around doing their daily job without any hesitation and fear of embracement. Young girls don’t have be absent in class for three days per month. The main thing is they have a wide range of choice that can be used for absorbing material.

It is a permanent solution to their monthly period. Functioning is same as the available costly Napkins.

It is more secured than the existing product. Hygiene can be ensured with this product.
The sole purpose of the design is to make it easily affordable (cost wise) and that too in a competent way. One time investment of Rs 12.00 is all that is needed for this product.

So removal of this drudgery is a guarantee. They have to keep one or two pocket anytime at their reach. But same is with ready-made napkins too.

Any well thought and constructive suggestion to make it better may be there.
Initially 50 no. was prepared and distributed free to get the feedback. One women remarked “Oh it suitable to carry money also in other time.”
We have tried another type, attaching a fixed front pocket in the undergarments also.
It is a noble product for the all underdeveloped country.

Government can save a huge amount by distributing this low cost hygienic permanent napkin to the underprivileged groups.


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