Your Own Meditation Space

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Mental and physical health into the public with the help of «Own meditation spaces».

One has no opportunity to spend even a short time in silence and solitude at a frantic pace of modern life; to listen to the silence of the mind. Sometimes you need only peace and quietness to recover and to be filled with the vitality and new energy, to calm your mind and to understand what to do next. Have you tried to find an answer to the questions of each: Who am I? The path one is following to oneself could be unbearably difficult. Not being able to recognize the mind, feelings, and emotions and how they govern human being we fall into a false sense of ourselves. We associate ourselves only with the body that moves in the space, eats, talks.

It is also necessary to find time, to resist the temptations of the Internet, artificial life, and obsession in all its manifestations: just to leave aside for a short period of time unresolved problems and immerse into your inner self.

To achieve that the space and the appropriate atmosphere is required where an attempt to close the eyes and find true self can be successful. The idea or even the intention to give up gadgets just for a short time and sit in silence sounds is almost catastrophic for the modern world. In this situation a helping hand to one who really wants to change something in one’s life and has no way to retreat at home or at work is «Own meditation spaces». «Own meditation spaces» - is a various in feature set, secluded space to perform meditation techniques. This tool is capable to restore even the most distorted manifestations clogged consciousness, to give hope to everyone for the opportunity to become mentally and as a result, physically healthy.

The main task of «Own meditation spaces» is to create the most comfortable conditions for privacy that serves the purpose of self-discovery and self-liberation, to help with today's technology in the study of a person himself.

For this «Own meditation spaces» uses:
- Vibro panels with the effects of different intensity and settings
- Audio
- Light
- Devices with augmented reality
- Aroma

«Own meditation spaces» monitors the body temperature, pulse and blood pressure of the meditator.

Day by day with eyes closed and self-absorbed, practicing meditation techniques using «Own meditation spaces», step-by-step treading on the path of awareness, there is a possibility of self-knowledge, self-improvement and self-development. The thinner layers of the psyche and intellect are activated, the bodies are filled with energy, emotions become clear, faces shine with smiles, and bodies become healthy.

There are no equivalents to such spaces in contemporary world. It is perfect for Yoga centers, health care facilities, the rehabs, meditation centers, for personal use, and recreation parks.

It will help solve the problem of an overloaded mind coping with modern rhythm of life; relax and give the experience of natural state of happiness to live.


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