Visual Ambrosia®

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Visual Ambrosia®, when you view it, instantly and coherently benefits The Future, with cognitively superior, graphically restful, colorfully alluring video distraction.

Why? Countless millions of video display screens, in every hotel/hospital/waiting room, have TVs. All viewers in wait areas, just by waiting, are prone, variously, to stress. Existing streaming news feeds and repetitive decorative landscape video programming, offered waiting viewers as narrative-free video content, are scarcely soothing, emotionally. By contrast, Visual Ambrosia® UHD video streaming programs function, for waiting viewers, quite differently. Visual Ambrosia® is calming, intriguing, unexpected, subtle, steadily surprising, universally intelligible; it’s “TWOSE”, a tranquilizer without side effects.

How? Visual Ambrosia® movies are magnification video animation sequences, derived from gigabyte dimension, digital scans of 19th C. chromolithographic art prints. The videos steadily surprise viewers with trance-like transitions. Specifically, viewers watching these video animation transitions of fine art images, motion transitions zooming from macro realism to micro abstraction, enjoy watching the decorative changes, just like everyone enjoys watching fireworks: new, colorful, vivid, gliding, dramatic, magnetic, visually special.

Technology-wise, Visual Ambrosia® blends 19th C. decorative information, obscure and rare, with 21st C. UHD/4K digital process, to distract waiting viewers with elegantly surprising, art animation transitions: serene, curiously fascinating, like a microscopic video museum experience.



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    Nathan Harris
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    The discovery that 19th C. chromolithograph photorealistic art prints, that were published with many superimposed layers of color, when the prints are scanned at high resolution, then the scans animated into video, at extreme magnification, the video results yield decorative surprising abstract imagery in the video programs. Animated, from macro to micro, the translucent color layers, never before visible, appear unexpectedly also beautiful and watchable. Watching the transitions becomes a narrative-free, calmly amusing distraction, and, with 30,000 original chromolithographs in my archive, the variety of video programs I can produce is unlimited.
    On and, searching "Visual Ambrosia", there are 30+ various video clips.
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    Photoshop, Final Cut
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