Individual Sound- Directional Speakers

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BEEP BEEP BEEP. In a daze you wake up, fumbling for your phone. You check it only to find out it's not your alarm... and realize that it's your roommate's... again.

Being unintentionally awakened by a roommate's alarm is a common occurrence everywhere rooms are shared, myself being both the victim and the guilty one in this matter. Struggling to find a reasonably priced solution to this issue, Individual Sound came to be - a compact, lower cost set of directional speakers.

Individual Sound is a parabolic speaker which uses physics to optimize parabola dimensions and speaker distance to perfectly direct sound in one direction without disturbing anyone else outside of its scope. This technology can be seen around us already, such as a parabolic shields to record sounds during sports games or the "Whispering Plates" exhibit in SF. By compacting these parabolic designs, a well placed speaker will create the beam of sound effect to keep your sound individualized for you.

To connect your device to Individual Sound you have the option of either an auxiliary cord or Bluetooth. Various mounting systems exist, such as a lamp style base, a mini base, or a wall mount, whatever suits you best. It has a rechargeable battery which can be recharged with a common device charger. Individual sound uses readily available materials and technologies and has a minimalist design, making the cost of this product more reasonable for a greater audience such as college students, backpackers, and anyone who shares a room.

Individual Sound is the perfect product you want to buy for that roommate - and also for yourself to do your roommate a favor. It keeps your sound yours, whether it be alarms or movies or music. Improving roommate relations around the world, look forward to seeing Individual Sound around!


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