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In nearly all urban areas, with high population of both humans and automobiles, finding parking spaces is a hassle. It is a very time & fuel consuming affair. Most workplaces & commercial establishments are unable to meet the demands for parking areas needed. But since the land area available is limited, efficient management of parking spaces is the only way to reduce the unnecessary delays and fuel consumption.

"On Parking" aims to provide complete control by automating the Parking Structures to ensure the Population can book their Parking slots in advance to make it Hassle-free while reducing unnecessary fuel consumption leading overall reduction in Global Warming.

On Parking works as a Two Part system - Hardware devices installed at every parking slot, and a Smartphone Application that allows users to book the spaces in advance.

The Hardware System uses RFID Tags already present (Often provided by the Manufacturer) in the most Modern Cars to ensure that the cars are parked at respective slots and track the vacancy of the slot, to continue the cycle of Bookings. It also acts as a Security Device, allowing the Security teams monitor the Activity of the Vehicles Parked at the Parking lot.

The Application allows the Users book a Parking slot in advance to their arrival. Payment Gateways can also be included in the Software for Community Parking lots and for Applications such as Airports, Train Stations, Bus Stations, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, etc.

The overall experience could be seamless and Hassle-free for the Users in order to reduce unnecessary delay in time & Fuel consumption. In addition, reducing the need for Human Intervention to Assist in Parking Lots. Easy payment gateways reduce the overall lead time in exiting the Parking Lots & Structures.

The combination of Hardware + Software provides end to end solution to the Users and Manager of the Parking Lots. On Parking also making accounting easier for the Lot owners and Managers apart from easier management of the Premises

The overall aim is to reduce the lead time in Parking, making it Hassle-free to the end users and the Parking Lot Managers.


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