Epiphany!™ Digital Flow Optimizer – Conservation without Compromise

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Our mission. Water and Food for ALL!

IGP’s innovative approach created a completely new category in Fashion Plumbing. Solving the low flow dilemma at its source, the Epiphany™! 1000 DFO addresses the biggest indoor use of water; showers! Without requiring changes in user habits or performance expectations, the DFO™ provides immediate, quantifiable savings with a rapid ROI - key to continued utilization and product longevity. Users get all the water they need when they need it and never miss a drop! Right out of the box, everything is automatic. No setup, no training. Just relax and save!

The problem

People waste water every day. Fresh water is essential for life. There is no known substitute.
Many of our nation’s largest reservoirs are at historic low levels. Ground water withdrawals take 50 years to replenish and are increasing at an alarming rate; especially in our nation’s food production regions. The energy content of residential water can be 70% of the cost of the water used --- or wasted.

We are a consumption and experience based society. When it comes to changing our consumption patterns we can be very slow to adapt and adopt – almost belligerent. This is especially true when it comes to our shower!
Consumer adoption of water and energy conservation devices and methods has met broad resistance. To counter that resistance, advocates are using government incentives, rebates, fines, penalties and punitive tiered pricing models to reduce consumption. Results have been poor, especially in the case of domestic water use.

The solution

Rather than using coercion, IGP believes that providing a water and energy conserving product that does not change entrenched habits or performance expectations, but simultaneously provides immediate, quantifiable results and a rapid ROI -- key to enthusiastic adoption, continued utilization and product longevity.
Our unique design and proprietary algorithms created a completely new Fashion Plumbing category. Without missing a drop of water, a typical family of four in the US can expect to save about $500 per year.

The community

Using the IGP App, the DFO™ can optionally store data for every shower in our highly secure IntuiCloud™ data warehouse. Users can easily access their data for tracking and sharing on social media. Using our App, users can opt into conservation programs offered by water and energy utilities to take advantage of rate reductions and rebates.

Ready for scaling

IGP has US-based contract manufacturers ready to “cut steel.” Our plastic and plated parts come from a tier 1 automotive supplier. Electronics, final assembly and fulfillment come from a leading board fab house.

Fruits of our labor

The Southwestern US is primed and the low-hanging fruit is already on the ground; just waiting for us to pick it up!
Two major international hospitality chains, two large universities, the two leading online retailers, two water and energy utilities, two specialty products retailers and a big-box home improvement retailer are ready to test and carry our products.

Our mission. Water and food for all!


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